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Solar Eclipse

Today for the first time in 38 years the United States got to view an amazing event, “A Solar Eclipse.” Now to most people, they might just ignore the event because no one really cares about staring at the Sun. But this is a must view and it only comes by every so often.

Meaning the next Solar Eclipse will be April 8, 2024 8 years away


Info: To start taking photos or even video of the sun is tricky and very important. Starting with knowing what types of filters to use plus getting the focal length correct so that your image will be viewable. The photo taken above was shot with a none expensive camera so don’t get discouraged by outrages prices of equipment. 

Filters used above:

  • B+W IR Filter 830
  • B+W IR Filter 695 20x-40x
  • B+W 040 4x E (orange tint filter)
  • Vivitar UV Filter

Now this is a simple set up. Most rigs for this type of photography requires 400mm-1200mm+ focal length scopes/lens and special H-alpha, Mylar, or ND filter to block out the harsh rays of the sun. Find what works for you but be sure you know what you’re doing when it comes to the setup. 

Note: Some filters block out visible light but not harmful Ultra violet light, which can burn an image on your cornea with no pain or feeling at all. Please be careful and enjoy the science of space.

Solar Eclipse Full Collage 


Where Does Power Come From And Where Is It Going?


“Left, left, left right left.” A song we Americans know all to well. As soldiers fall in line, train, singing a song, making them synchronize with each other. They create a symbolism of unity that is far greater and more important then one man could do by himself in the military.

That unity helps build something that is more then just a march. 

We don’t think about light much as millennials because from birth it’s always been there. Electricity lighting up every corner of the United States that if you drive now, it would take you a hour or more to get to a place where there is no electricity. No light to guide your way. Yet even then you probably have a flash light in your car or even a cell phone to help you out. Well now you might not need anything but your feet to light your way.

“My idea was a floor tile that would convert the kinetic energy from a footstep into electricity,” Laurence Kemball-Cook

Take a step, take two or three. Start walking by lighting the future

Product Specifications

is a storing device that converts kinetic energy into electricity to power devices of all types. By adding pressure to the device implanted in the ground. The Pavegen creates a pulse or energy that creates 7 watts of power. Simple enough. Now by adding multiple set points, say through a walk way or on the sidewalk in the park. You could use this technology to light up the way along the sidewalk as people walk by, pedipower.


CNN News Broadcast


Take a look at some installations already being put to work…



People Powered Football Pitch                                   


Simon Langton School

Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport

The Crystal

Heathrow Airport     

Renaissance Works Offices, London

West Ham Station, London 2012 Olympics


Shell, Rio de Janeiro

South Africa   



St. Omer Train Station


Federation Square, Melbourne


Bloomington School, USA