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Underwater Dance

“A composition is a rare thing in the world. The art of capturing everything in a rectangular masterpiece has a small margin to be spectacular. This composition is a story that is almost silent but the choreography gives it voice. As you watch, your engulfed in an amazing feeling of astonishment. She moves so elegantly her hair seems to follow like a school of Pilot fish leaving a former shadow in her wake.

This production was filmed at Y-40 The Deep Joy a specialized dive pool for free divers, scuba diving, and other extreme underwater training exercises. This pool is the deepest on record at 40m (130ft) with over 1 million gallons of water.

Julie is swimming at depths between

Y-0 – Y-15 (0-50ft)

The Hotel Terme Millepini is the location of this wonder, divers and guest flock here to train for their competitions & expeditions

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