Chapter 2



 3D Mapping Projection with computers and software is getting better everyday with a lot of new projects that are springing up all over the country. With artist trying to figure out ways to put new spins on perception and pushing the limits of the projectors to see what they can come up with. Although a lot of people run into problems.

Example: Light Distortion

When working in new scenes and different envirorments you must make sure that you have the right projector and the right location at night. Also the amount lights sources in the area of where your projecting is very important. If you project in an area where to many street lights illuminate up the night or a building wall has accent lighting. Your going to run into what i like to call “fading of the canvas.” This is where to much light floods into the scene and distorts the image that your trying to project over a curtain distance, so make sure you go out and scout your locations both day and night first. This will help you have a better feel for the area you will be working in before hand. It also helps to take pictures of different angles of the building because later in your editing you might need to know curtain angles or views for the perceptive of the viewer later.


The picture above is a good example of a street light effecting the projection. The key is to get the area your working in as dark as possible and with no outside sources of light coming in.


Over 5,000 lumens

Throw distance is accurate

Color ratio 10,000↑

Lens  Options

Barnds :  Nakturnal  | HearCorp | Sweet Revenge




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