Design Your Future

Depending on who you are or what walk of life you come from. We all seem to have a passion for something far greater then us.  

Whether its engineering, designing, fabrication the list goes on and on. We tend to fall in line with the ideas that interest us the most. Yet with large corporations gobbling up every industry idea and tool that they can get their hands on at the patient office. How do we as small level entrepreneurs build something without the tools we need or the large amount of money to back us.


 Today: Might Be The Day We Can Change That

If you haven’t heard about 3D Printing 🁪 yet you might want to look into one of the hottest new technologies to hit the market in this century. If you have, I might have found the next big thing for the small level entrepreneur. OLO jump started by Kickstarter

This resin based printer works from your smartphone and is as easy as designing with your finger tips. 

"THANKS TO OUR 16,180 BACKERS who have helped OLO break the record for most preordered 3D printers in Kickstarter history" - OLO




Modernization of Solar

“What if one day everywhere around you there was solar energy being generated simuanitously as you and everyone around you used it.”


With the advancements in solar technology there are a lot of new types of designs coming into use. Types like monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, thin film silicon, solar thermal which require heat instead of light, and the most common your use to seeing photovoltaic solar cells. The list goes on and on LIST OF SOLAR CELL TYPES. Yet with recent advancements in these fields. Professor Lunt at Michigan State University working on the TLSC project has come up with a new type that seems to push the boundaries of the industry, but still uses the same technics that the energy industry uses today.


Transparent Solar Cells

Transparent Solar Cells

Now I know that might not seem like a revolutionary idea when you first here it. Yet when you start to think about everything that has transparent glass on it that we use in our daily lives. The implementation possibilities just seem to be endless.

Heres a couple common examples of applications:

Car windows

Cell phone screens

Skyscraper windows

Residential windows


Take a look a how this new technology works 


If your more interested in other types of solar cells. Here are some articles to help explain this new industry that we might rely on every single day in the future

Solar Panels 101

Which Solar Panel Type is Best? 

Types of Solar Panels

Solar Power Applications

MIT – Transparent Solar Cells

Here is Professor Lunt view of his technology

Digital Trends Video

Are 3D Displays Finally Real?

Take a spinning mirror, a high speed camera, and a couple  of ingenious students. What do you get?



About 8 years ago students at the Graphics Lab at USC created a low cost way to display 3D objects.

The system works by projecting high-speed video onto a rapidly spinning mirror. As the mirror turns, it reflects a different and accurate image to each potential viewer. The rendering algorithm can recreate both virtual and real scenes with correct occlusion, horizontal and vertical perspective, and shading.

The cool thing about this display is its:
  • autostereoscopic – requires no special viewing glasses
  • omnidirectional – generates simultaneous views accomodating large numbers of viewers
  • interactive – can update content at 200Hz

For more information on the display: Head to USC’s website to check it out

Innovating The Game of Sports


You could say Basketball is one of the biggest spectator sports in America if not the world. Yet over the years the NBA has always tried to stay in the now. Trying to create  new types of marketing and advertising to really get the crowd into the game. A problem that the teams are having is whether the court looks good enough and not giving off the dull appearance. Although this year I believe they are starting to head in the right direction to create a court that really intensifies the viewers experience in the crowd.

February 15th 2015

The NBA Allstar game kicked off  with the floor going crazy




For more info on how this works: Projection