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Camera Ready Studios has focused on updating our spaces to make them a colorful, welcoming environment. We have avoided the impersonal industrial feel of many rental studios, preferring to appeal more to our renters’ clients. We want them to feel that they are in a “classy” setting, which raises the perceived value of you and your services. Although our large studios can accommodate a car, we do not want to look like a garage. We want to accommodate people.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is our natural light white cove rental studio, and includes an “infinity corner.” Perfect for commercial photo shoots and catalog shoots, this studio includes ramp access and a huge natural light    roll-up door.

  • 1050 sq ft (35ft x 30ft)
  • 16′ clearance
  • Air-conditioned
  • Seamless backgrounds  (colors hanging vary)
  • C-stands, sandbags, apple boxes, extension cord reels, A-clamps
  •  Makeup room included – outside
  • Access ramp with 12′ x 12′ roller door.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is our largest 3-walled rental studio and includes a white cove with 2 infinity corners. Studio 2 includes drive-in ramp access as well.

  • 2000 sq ft (50ft x 40ft)
  • 16′ clearance
  • Air-conditioned
  • C-stands, sandbags, apple boxes, extension cord reels, A-clamps
  • Makeup room included – inside
  • Seamless backgrounds (colors hanging vary)
  • Access ramp with 12′ x 12′ roller door.

Headshot Room

Camera Ready Studios has a photography room set up specifically for headshots and tabletop photography. We’ve installed a Westcott 3-light continuous lighting system on a studio rail system for easy maneuverability, and we have a (varying) assortment of seamless backgrounds.

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