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Flyboard Air


How many times a day do you look up at the sky?

Once…twice…three times…a lot…to much?

At one point or another we find ourselves staring at the sky. As if we have this spiritual connection to it. Over thousands of years the fascination never stopped. We observe it, study it, even dream about the mystical blue wonder. Yet most humans in history never had the chance to witness it first hand. To feel the breeze of air on your face. To see a cloud for what it truly is. Even touching it as you sit in the cockpit of a biplane. Why?

Does our obsession have to do with the fact that at we remain grounded on a daily basis?



Now that might change! With advances in modern techniques in UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Their has been a big push to find more applications for drones. Right now most drones are smaller then a cardboard box and can only fly for a limited amount of time.  Other then the military types. But the thing that most of us don’t realize is we only fly it around in our backyards. This doesn’t put us in the sky and without VR headsets it’s only a extension of our site. But what if someone found a way to change that. To help you bring your childhood dream to life. 

“I personally dreamed for this day to happen and I am excited to tell you that personal flight may soon be possible.” Meet Zapata Racing

Flyboard Air is an idea that every child has imagined, but till recently no one has been able to manifest into reality. It took advances in water hoverboard technology and UAV turbine technology to influence Zapata Racing to create something extraordinary. Although it’s still in the early stages of testing. Flyboard Air has already started to make strides in the hoverboard/jetpack industry.

Guinness Book World Record

7,388 feet 

which surpasses the old distances record of (905 ft 2 in) Link

Flyboard Air


 Four 250-horsepower turbo engines

Jet A1 kerosene fueled

10,000 feet

Up to 93mph (150km/h)

10 min autonomy

Recently, some companies are starting to take interest in Zapata’s technology. Implant Sciences being a big player, has already submitted a letter of intent. Meaning soon Zapata Racing could be purchased by the leader in machines for explosives detection. Link