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The Fall of Headphones

Listening to music is almost synopsis with life. It’s like it goes hand and hand with daily task or events. Everywhere we go its around us. In the stores we shop playing in the background, at the restaurant while we eat, even in the car as we drive. Walking down the street we can grab those earplugs and go into our personal concert thanks to Apple.

The immersion is real

Around us it’s there even if you don’t notice it. Here’s a fun game next time your in public. Look around and see how many people you can spot with headphones on? It might surprise you the number of people that are listening to their music away from the world around them. But yet, it’s like they’re in their own world enjoying the moderation that music can offer them in a daily life. 

But are we taking granted of something without realizing it?

I recently watched the movie Interstellar. At one point Matthew McConaughey playing (Cooper) is listening to headphones and the sounds of nature on earth like crickets and thunderstorms as they were in their space ship floating further away from earth. If you didn’t know space is a vacuum so sound is absent. It’s there, but not, if you could imagine that. The only sounds you have in space are the sounds of your space ship. This made me think that when we plug into our music libraries and tune out the world around us are we missing out on something more simple and delicate. What if we no longer had it, what we do? Link to video


A lot of us take for granted nature and the sounds of life around us. We would rather plug into our headphones or turn up the radio. But what if we didn’t have to shut off the world around us. Still be able to hear that firetruck as it goes by or someone screaming for help when we wouldn’t notice otherwise because we are to busy jamming out. 



It’s the future of music with a bit of style.


Zungle Panther is a new way to listen to music with a bit of ingenuity. It uses bone conduction technology to rid of the earbud experience.


“It’s something out of a sci-fi movie if you’ve never tried them before.” Mashable


First off what is Bone Conduction? Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Basically in normal people terms. Its sound vibrating off your skull and being picked up by you eardrum to create sound. As shown with the picture below.

With Zungle Panther, they have installed two conduction speakers on each temple. By applying a certain vibrations to the skull the sounds travels down the ear canal and hitting the ear drum creating ear bud free sound. While being able to listen to the noises around you at the same time. I know crazy sci-fi stuff going down here.

Now that you can wear sunglasses that provide the music experience for you with an ease. While still being able to hear the world around you. Maybe you’ll see less people tuning everything out and possibly listening to both. This creates something new along side a different applicator for music. Creating music that will immerse both the outside world and your recording artist music at the same time. Ocean sounds on the same track as Come Sail Away by Styx. Interesting but kind of cool at the same time.

See how the device works without having to try them on first. Link
Kickstarter Campaign – Link