Hyper Reality

It’s Time To Break The Boundaries of 3D


With advances in the realm of perspective. We have come to point where no one wants to live in our modern day reality.  So where does that take us? There have been attempts to try to build augmentation into modern concepts, such as the in-famous Google Glass headsets. With Googles attempt to crack the barrier of 3D they formed a headset that people didn’t know what to think of. Messages popping up in front of your face even though they aren’t really there and no one else can see them but you. Or the ability to take a picture of what you see without having to pull out your phone. Everyone tried to adapt this, but no one really could except the ability to enhance daily live.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Bigger – Bulky – Maybe Better


Is it unrealistic to say that everyone wants something that can’t  have? Yet, what if we had the ability to give you everything you wished for and more then you could imagine. But theres a catch, you don’t own any of it and once your done with it. It all goes away…

Would you take part? 


Virtual Reality Headsets

To take part in this new craze is pretty simple:

• Get a smart phone thats VR adaptable

Samsung – LG – Apple – HTC – Sony – Huawei

• Pick up a VR headset from the local electronics store

Oculus Rift – HTC Vive – Playstation VR – Sulon Q – Samsung VR

Now what? Download an app. With many to choose from

ARTE360 VR – Caaaaardboard! – Fulldive VR – VRSE – Youtube

Now your ready to embrace the experience thousands are flocking to on a Friday night instead of going out into to REAILTY!

More To Embrace In This World

Now if your like most  technology enthusiast you want to know more. Believe me for this new tech there is way more and its awesome. Ever heard of 5D? No, well if you have scroll down and watch the video below. If not keep reading, you’ll want to trust me…

5D (Fifth dimension) is not a new term, but it is new to the consumer. What it entail’s is the 3D reality we live in plus 2 more variables in play. Now in the space time theory 5D takes on a completely different meaning then what 5D in VR means.

Real Theory – 3 are spatial – 4th is time – 5th is the universe itself

VR Headsets – 3 are spatial – 4th and 5th are the element enhancers

Such as: Movements, vibrations, ticklers, changes of temperature, bubbles, scents, air and water blasts etc…

What does this all have to do with the VR Headsets?

Companies have started to embrace the movement and already have greased the wheels to get ahead of the game. A company in Utah known as The Void has already started by taking 5D environments seriously. Take a look…

This environment would be pretty crazy for a first time viewer. But very eventful. Might be worth a trip to Utah.

Tech Insider – “Is better than anyone imagined”

Other Environments


Virtual Reality Frisbee by CCP Project Arena (Eve Fanfest)


Hyper Reality

is an inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technologically advanced postmodern societies

With this now a possibility for users to be engulfed in their fake environment. One could be victimized by what one does not realize is around them. Nor can they distinguish whether to act on 3D reality or their more advanced reality. Where does the line get crossed? and when will we all have to be a part of this new reality?

This is an interpretation of what it would possibly be like in the         future. Kickstarter

Keichi Mutsuda – Hyper Reality: A New Vision of The Future