Animal POV

Final Exam

Perception is a big part in how humans and animals move and act. Each living thing on Earth has its own way of viewing things from down low like a dog to up high in the sky like a bird. So it must make you wonder what it must be like to fly above a building.

Most people go around day to day not enjoying the environment around them. They go through life just wondering about getting to work on time and trying to get their kids to school. Yet people don’t stop and look around them to see the things for what they are. They don’t look for the small details anymore. They just see a tree and think it’s a tree. They don’t see that on that tree might be a squirrel looking for nuts, a bird’s nest resting in the limbs, or even termites boring out the core of the tree. They seem to just over look these things because it’s a waste of time for them or they ‘re just in to much of a hurry to worry about it.

So for this gallery I wanted to bring nature back into people but in a different way. I wanted to show people the point of view of animals. To take that angle of the world that we don’t see very much and to get up close with nature to the point where you feel like you’re the animal in the scene. To make you feel like you’re climbing a tree or soaring above houses in a neighborhood. Embracing what it is to be an animal during its day and to see what they see. Bringing it to the viewer’s eyes from the other side of the fence if you know what I mean.

Artist –  E. W. Brooks