The Sparks

Music Video

This is an interpretation of“The Sparks” by Coldplay. This video taught me really what it takes to be Director/Editor. From getting the right shot; to cutting hours of video trying to find that best sequence of scenes so that the viewer can understand the interpretation of sparks.

“Bobby cheats on Nicole and now he feels bad and is trying to get her back, but he’s too nervous.…”



Eazy Insure


When you take multiple videos of complete differences and put them together you can create some interesting ideas for a video.

Video clips given from class. Which I made into a insurance commercial for EaZy InSuRe. Made in Final Cut Pro. 


New Shoes

Stop Motion

One of the first videos I’ve ever done. I took a cool pair of shoes and turned them into a moving masterpiece. Stop Motion is a fun skill to learn.